About Us

Our inspiration
dates back
to 1996

after designer entrepreneur Erika Moreyra made a trip to wonderful Brazil and fell in love with its tropical flora and fauna, it’s peoples’ joy and festive spirit and local manufacturing techniques. All the knowledge she gathered, plus national handcrafting skills, limitless creativity, and high-quality standards have made Praia Brava one of the most prestigious beachwear companies in Peru. Currently growing in the international market, the brand’s captured the attention of plenty due to its handcrafted embellishments in crochet, macramé, pompons and Peruvian themed appliques.

Praia Brava is known for offering diversity and constant innovation. Unafraid to reinvent itself and taking chances on edgy and new combinations, none of which is similar to the latter, we design and manufacture exclusive, limited edition beachwear for women to feel glamorous and unique at every destination and each summer day.